1. Introduction

MREP is a pharmaceutical Salesforce solution that helps the sales reps in planning the work, analyzing the data and implementing the business strategies. It aims tobring smoothness in team communication and co-ordination by presenting the relevant data to the field force.

2. Installation

For installing MREP, the minimum requirements are as follows:

Step 1 Server:

Windows-based dedicated server.

We recommend the Microsoft Azure Remote Machine with following specifications:

  • CPU Quad Core 2.4 GHz or more
  • RAM 8GB minimum
  • Storage Disk 40GB+
  • Internet: 8Mbps or more

Step 2 MobileDevice:

  • Android Based Mobile or Tablet
  • Android OS 4.4 or greater (4.4 is not recommended)
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Advanced GPS enabled
  • 3G or 4G data enabled

(* Before MREP Mobile App and Admin Panel (Website) installation, we will install database, web API and admin panel on the server.)

Step 3 Data:

In this step, we need the following data from client:

– Employees

– Products

– Groups

– Doctors

– Practice Places

– Territories

– Hierarchy

– EDAs

For sales & targets with advanced reporting, we need Employees Targets, Distributors information, Regions, Chemists as well. For the sales data, the distributors MSM text zip can be used.

3. Get Started

Please click the button below to get yourself register now.

* The MREP mobile app is available on the Google Play Store

* For further modifications and data management, the MREP admin panel will be used.

* The mobile app usage guide-lines and tutorial or sessions also delivered by the support team for users help.

4. Server Settings

The company that intends to execute the MREP, will have to send the above mentioned data according to given format in EXCEL files.

– (You can take format from the MREP developers.)

* The MREP developers will put the given data and verify it with the company communicating guys.

* Web API and Admin Panel will be installed in next step.

* After preparing all data, the MREP admin panel links and Mobile App users account will be created.

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